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Zombie Nation: Bayou Breakout

January 26th, 2012

Like zombies?

Zombies never get old—especially ones bred in the Bayou. Fresh from the swamps of Louisiana thanks to the tail of a mysterious comet, the dead don’t know what they’re walking into. In this first installment of a multi-part game from Hive Media, you play Zeke, the better looking half of a pair of brothers who can’t be more pleased that target practice is shambling up to their front door.

Four windows, a few planks of wood and a lot of ammo are all that stands between you and the undead masses. Shoot. Rescue. Fortify. And not always in that order. Your brother Jeb shows up to lend a hand protecting the rundown family plantation, but is your situation sustainable or will other arrangements have to be made?

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