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Armored Drive

June 22nd, 2012

I did some freelance art work for Armored Drive, a Windows Phone game by Elbert Perez.

The latest in spy car technology is called Armored Drive. It is the platform which all new spy cars will be built. However the new platform is not complete, and it is up to you the “spy car test driver” to ensure the the Armored Drive platform is the best it can be. You will use the Armored Drive in real life situations during live traffic across the the land. You will be faced with different scenarios which you need overcome using your skill and upgradable spy technology. The garage is available to upgrade the Armored Drive, but it will take money to do it. Thankfully we are funded more as we test the Armored Drive, as well as an unlimited access to Armored Drive replacements. This is not your Spy Car from before, we don’t care about civilians, in fact we get paid more to test the new platform on these civilian vehicles. So go out there and test the hell out of the Armored Drive

My tasks included the following:

  • Created car and plane models in Adobe Fireworks

Below is the art that I contributed to the game, or you can view it on the Projects page.

Armored Drive - Cars Armored Drive - Helicopters Armored Drive - Jets

My art can be seen in the game (after version 2.0) and is available for Windows Phone for FREE here!

Armored Drive

Zombie Nation: Bayou Breakout

June 14th, 2012

Zombie Nation: Bayou Breakout has finally been released in the App Store!

Four windows, a few planks of wood and a lot of ammo are all that stands between you and the undead masses. Shoot. Rescue. Fortify. And not always in that order. Your brother Jeb shows up to lend a hand protecting the rundown family plantation, but is your situation sustainable or will other arrangements have to be made?

This is my first released iOS game and I was the Senior Artist for this project. My tasks included the following:

  • Hands-on in the creation and implementation of art for studio projects
  • Works with management to drive the vision, style and processes for art on studio projects
  • Communicates with other departments and management as needed to accomplish project objectives and meet project schedules
  • Maintains high quality communication and diplomacy with external partners
  • Provides leadership and creative development to less experienced team members
  • Creates 3D models and 2D texture maps from 2D concept art and photo reference
  • Creates concepts, mock ups, and final, polished assets
  • Sets up and oversees production pipelines (both large and small)
  • Contributes to a collaborative environment with all disciplines, including design and engineering

It’s available for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded for FREE here!

Zombie Nation

Website Internal Makeover

June 9th, 2012

I finally finished redoing my website! On the surface, everything appears to look the same. This is because I’ve updated the code of this website, not the look. Because I wasn’t keeping up to date with the best web coding practices, I was still using tables to lay out my website. Now, I’ve rewritten it so that it’s using a template I made with PHP ,updated the structure to use  a series of DIV boxes instead of tables, and modified my html to use CSS more efficiently.

To illustrate how much cleaner the code is, I’ve taken a screenshot of how my website looked before and after my code makeover using the 3D View in the Inspector in Firefox (versions 11 and newer). You can see the difference between how much I’ve reduced the layers of code.

I’ve also restructured the file hierarchy of my site, so there might be some dead links lurking about. Please let me know if you find any!