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Export Icons Script

September 16th, 2012

I wanted to try and make a script in Adobe Photoshop. I’ve never done one before so I wanted to make a script that was pretty simple to familiarize myself first before getting into anything super complicated.

The idea for the script came from having to create a bunch of icons for previous projects I’ve worked on. As we would go through different iterations of icon designs, I found it monotonous to have to go through each icon and resave out a different background every time we decided to change it. I wanted something that would help automate me having to toggle the layer visibility of each icon combination and then saving them out. The Export Icons script will do exactly this.

My first iteration of the script only determined the static layer to be the background layer or a layer that was named “background,” would save out all layers (including hidden ones), and would save them where the original file was located. I wanted to expand the functionality of the script so that it would be useful for a wider audience. So, I added the ability to determine which layers were static, the ability to determine which location the saved files would be output to, the option to save out visible layers only, save over already existing files, output as different file types, and change the output’s image size.

To get an idea of how the script works, I’ve created a short video tutorial you may view below.

This script was created with the assumption that the user has all of the elements in one PSD file. I know this might not always be the case. Therefore, I have plans on creating another version of this script that will allow a user to create icons from separate files.

To download the current version of the script, go to the technical tab of the portfolio page (or click here). If you have any suggestions to help improve the script or if you encounter any bugs, you may submit feedback here.

WordPress Total Conversion

September 6th, 2012

Since working at Webb Design, I’ve had the opportunity to develop my web coding skills. I’ve learned a lot and had to put into practice my knowledge in javascript, PHP, and MySQL. I’ve gotten the chance to dabble in AJAX (mostly just basic forms) and have gotten even more familiar with WordPress.

Previously, this website only had WordPress installed for the “News” page. I’ve now fully converted this entire website over to WordPress. All previous pages are now WordPress pages and these news posts are still normal WordPress posts. I’m using custom post types for the Projects and Portfolio sections with the addition of custom taxonomies for portfolio entries. With the help of WPAlchemy Metaboxes, I was able to fully customize my WordPress interface.

Although I could have coded all this functionality by hand, I’ve done all this so that my website is easier to manage. The time I’m saving having to code my website, I can now use to concentrate more on updating my online portfolio more regularly.

I believe I’ve caught all dead links, but if you happen to stumble upon one, feel free to let me know!

Now (hopefully) you can look forward to more updates!
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