Artist Statement

Pour a glass of water. It is clear, pure, and uninfluenced. If spilt, its nature would fill every crack and crevice within reach. As an artist, I do not want to be confined into any one box or style. Like water, I seep into multiple styles: both stylized and realistic.

Now, drop a drip of red food coloring into the glass. Watch as it bleeds into the water. It mixes with it, changing it, updating its color. Similarly, I strive for the flexibility water naturally has. I dream of being able to move fluidly from task to task, occupation to occupation, and ultimately from industry to industry. I want to be able to readily switch from being a texture artist to modeler to rigger to programmer to designer, from working with games to film to animations and all back again. I desire to have the ability to update myself constantly, to continuously improve myself, to strive for perfection.

Why strive for perfection? Perfection is an abstract, unattainable goal that all of mankind aims for — yet why? Man is born with a hole within them. He works toward filling that hole. Some find comfort in abstract ideas such as love and religion, others in material things such as money and food. In creating an artificial reality, perfection is much more tangible, not harmful, and within an arm’s reach. Perfection is visible all around and all I must do is pursue it. An artificial reality relies heavily on the texturing of its models, which is why I wish to start my career as a texture artist. I will be able to create the perfection present in this world that surrounds both you and me.


  • Honor’s List (2008)
  • Won 1st Place in a T-shirt design contest for the Art Institute of California – San Francisco; Category: Game Design Major (2007)
  • Dean’s List (2005-2007)