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Texture Libraries

January 20th, 2013

For years, I’ve been using in combination with photos that I’ve taken to create the starting points for some of my textures. It has been my go-to resource for royalty-free textures. If you’re a 3D artist and haven’t been to the website before, I’m ashamed of you! Go there right now and be prepared to kick yourself for not finding out about it sooner.

Anyways, the way the website works is that each user has their own quota of how many textures they are allowed to download. You must have an account in order to download. However, once you hit your daily quota, you can’t download any more textures unless you upgrade your account to a premium account (a.k.a. paid account) or wait till the next day begins.

I’ve recently been introduced to which is basically another texture library. It hasn’t been around as long as CGTextures so their library isn’t as robust and their website is lacking some functionality. It currently has 6,059 textures you can choose from but doesn’t have search capability. I’m also uncertain as to how often the website is updated since it is lacking a “news” feed. Nonetheless, I’m excited to have another resource to look through.

If you know of any other online texture libraries, databases, or resources, feel free to let me know by leaving a comment!

Export Icons Script

September 16th, 2012

I wanted to try and make a script in Adobe Photoshop. I’ve never done one before so I wanted to make a script that was pretty simple to familiarize myself first before getting into anything super complicated.

The idea for the script came from having to create a bunch of icons for previous projects I’ve worked on. As we would go through different iterations of icon designs, I found it monotonous to have to go through each icon and resave out a different background every time we decided to change it. I wanted something that would help automate me having to toggle the layer visibility of each icon combination and then saving them out. The Export Icons script will do exactly this.

My first iteration of the script only determined the static layer to be the background layer or a layer that was named “background,” would save out all layers (including hidden ones), and would save them where the original file was located. I wanted to expand the functionality of the script so that it would be useful for a wider audience. So, I added the ability to determine which layers were static, the ability to determine which location the saved files would be output to, the option to save out visible layers only, save over already existing files, output as different file types, and change the output’s image size.

To get an idea of how the script works, I’ve created a short video tutorial you may view below.

This script was created with the assumption that the user has all of the elements in one PSD file. I know this might not always be the case. Therefore, I have plans on creating another version of this script that will allow a user to create icons from separate files.

To download the current version of the script, go to the technical tab of the portfolio page (or click here). If you have any suggestions to help improve the script or if you encounter any bugs, you may submit feedback here.

Verto Studio 3D

February 12th, 2011

I’m not too much into the hype of Apple products, but I’m almost willing to run out and get an iPad just for this newly released app: Verto Studio 3D.

Verto Studio 3D is an app currently only available on the iPad that allows you to import and edit 3D models. From the looks of it, it’s not a super fancy modeling application for hardcore modelers and artists, but it’s still a pretty nifty app for the iPad. I think it’d be a great asset for showing off models during an interview.

It was written by Michael L. Farrell and only released nine days ago (February 3rd, 2011). If I owned an iPad, I’d totally support him and buy it. Especially at the price he’s currently selling it for ($3.99), it’s a steal! Buy it here.

You can read the original forum post here.

There is also a YouTube video demo of the app. (See the original here.) It’s somewhat long (a little over 10 minutes) and a bit dark, but it was the only video of the app out there on the Internet. You’d be able to get a general gist of what the app’s capable of doing from watching the video.

See the video below:

Change of Address

November 1st, 2010


So, any documents created before today (November, 1st, 2010) that included my address are no longer up-to-date.

Please contact me if you need my most current address.

On another note:

I just discovered that Unity3D has a magazine out! I’m a little behind, considering there’s already three issues out, but I’m going to be subscribing to it (and seriously considering purchasing the three that are already out)! Apparently, it’s supposed to be full of tutorials, reviews, and “goodies.” I’m a little sad that an issue is released only once every other month, but I’ll still be eagerly waiting for my first issue to come in.

Unity Magazine

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